Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Before You Vote for President

(disclaimer – I’m not a blog reader. I don’t know if this is a typical blog or not. So this is basically how I am deciding.)

How to choose: (check out

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the volume of data about the candidates – here’s a simple way to sort through the information.

Please note the job description – before you decide who would do a better job. No matter what the candidates promise, much of the power lies in Congress.

I thought about trying to put the job description here – but it is a really big job.

  1. Presidential Powers

Suffice it to say – the President is not responsible for the budget, that would be congress.

The President is primarily Commander and Chief, our face to the world. The Executive branch “executes” or enforces the laws that Congress makes.

He also makes appointments that must be approved by Congress.

Evaluating a Current President
  • What bills did (s)he veto?
  • What bills did (s)he support/sign?
  • Who did (s)he nominate to appointed positions?
  • How is (s)he seen on the world stage?

If you agree with them – then vote for them.

There are arguments for voting by political party, especially given the way committee’s are organized in the House and Senate. These considerations are beyond the scope of this blog entry.

Evaluating a Candidate for President
  • What is the candidates past experience?
  • What do they support?
  • How are they viewed on the world stage?

Candidates make huge promises, well beyond the scope of the position they are running for.

Setting the promises aside, what do they say they will push for specifically within the role of commander and chief and appointments.

Will their appointments fall in line with your values?

The League of Women Voters has a great site.

  1. Put in your address,
  2. Click to get personalized information on the candidates,
  3. Click find my information and then select the city from the drop down menu – it will list the candidate –
  4. Click on the 2 you want to compare and it displays the information.

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